Zahiyah A.



Education was always vital to Zahiyah. Although circumstances got in the way of finishing high school with her classmates, she never lost her determination to complete her education. And she had big plans that required a high school equivalency diploma.

“The reason I decided to take the GED® test was to attend college. Even if college hadn’t been my priority I still would’ve taken it. Education is and has always been very important to me. I dream big and and I plan to accomplish every single one of my goals. That is why I had to do this.”

Zahiyah got a lot out of the GEDWorks™ program, from the program’s flexibility to the practice tests that were “very useful to improve your weak points.” But it also gave her something she didn’t expect: the encouragement and support she needed to flourish.

“My student advisor was amazing, and I’m not just saying that. She was so kind and patient, even though I called her thousands of times. If I didn’t understand something she would stay on the phone and walk me through it. Believe me when I say encouragement is the best kind of support. Just knowing that you have people in your corner that believe in you makes all the difference.”

“I would recommend the GEDWorks™ program to anyone. Do it. The feeling of completion is priceless, and just think of the message and encouragement you are spreading to those to come after you!”

Now that she has successfully earned her diploma, Zahiyah is planning on college.

“Now,” she says smiling, “there is nothing I feel that I can’t accomplish.”