Victoria S.

Taco Bell


Victoria had wanted to get her GED® since she dropped out of high school. Her graduating class was supposed to be 1992, but she wasn’t able to finish. Instead she received her diploma in June of 2016 at 42 years old.

“It feels so amazing to have done this for myself. I can now further my career path.”

Victoria completed the GEDWorks™ program in one month and loved it.

“The GEDWorks™ program was great. It gave plenty of support and direction. It has motivated me to move onto bigger and better things in life.”

Victoria also had a strong support system from her family and her coworkers.

“They cheered me on the whole time. My manager even took the time to recognize what I was doing by sitting down and talking to me about it. The corporate store even sent over emails to encourage and congratulate me.”

Now that Victoria has earned her credential she wants to continuing moving up in her current employment. She has enrolled in Pikes Peak Community College for Business Management, where she hopes to earn her associate degree in Applied Sciences.