Vanessa M.



Vanessa’s career goals are what motivated her to take the GED® test.

“I decided to take the GED® because I needed it in order to get my certification as a pharmacy technician. I had always wanted to get it but procrastinated about actually doing it. Earning my credential became important to me because I knew I needed to have it if I wanted to have a better job so I made it a must.”

Vanessa’s motivation increased when she found out Walmart offered the GEDWorks™ program.

“Finding out it would be online was very convenient for me, it also offered you an advisor to help you, and it was free which I really appreciated.”

Vanessa loved the GEDWorks™ program and would recommend it to all of her coworkers.

“I liked the program because it was self-paced and there was no pressure. What helped me overcome my challenges the most was having an advisor.

Vanessa’s family and friends supported her throughout the process.

“My kids and husband were very supportive. I basically would study after everyone was in bed. My friends and coworkers were always checking in asking how the tests went.”

Now that Vanessa has her diploma, her dream of becoming a pharmacy technician for Walmart is a possibility!