Valeri W.



Valeri jumped at the chance to get her GED® diploma through Walmart. The program was completely paid for up-front by Walmart and the flexibility to self-pace through the program was tremendous.

“That allows you to jump that hurdle of not being able to complete the GED® program because of your kids or work.”

Valeri found she was grateful to have the right environment and support to get through the program. “Without my family I would have never jumped that last hurdle. Having someone there that you’re comfortable with to teach you things is invaluable.”

Valeri celebrates this milestone and beams with excitement. “It makes you feel so great that you accomplished this! You can always better yourself and learn new things. It’s never too late.”

She is looking towards the future to advance her career as she really enjoys retail management. “Now that I have my degree I can do anything I want to. I could go back to school.”