Teresa F.

Taco Bell


Teresa was supposed to finish high school in 2007 but got pregnant and had to drop out. She found it difficult to maintain a full time job, take care of a baby, and finish school. Now her son is 11 years-old and about to start middle school.

“I want to show him that school is the most important thing and that no matter what obstacles you may have in life, you can always accomplish your goals.”

Besides her son, Teresa had a lot of support from her the rest of her family, her boss, and her coworkers.

“My colleagues are like my second family so they were always asking me questions about how I was doing. My family is the best too. They’re taking me out for dinner to celebrate, they are so proud of me!”

Teresa also appreciated the GEDWorks™ program and would recommend it to her coworkers.

“I liked the availability of the program. Even on weekends you would help us prepare before a test.”

Teresa is still on the hunt for her passion, but once she finds it, she’ll start pursuing a career.