Tammy H.



Tammy always wanted to get the GED® but could never afford the out-of-pocket expense. Walmart and the GEDWorks™ program changed that all for her.

“I loved the GEDWorks™ program. There was always somebody there to offer assistance, answer my questions and give helpful advice.”  

Tammy also had a great support team along the way helping her get her GED®. Her student advisor always encouraged her and kept telling her to never give up. Her coworkers also cheered her on.

“My store manager was very proud and always wanted updates. My family also encouraged me and helped me study, especially math.

Tammy would recommend this program to anyone who could participate.

“There are great people working in the GEDWorks™ program who never judge you and only want you to succeed.”

Now that Tammy has earned her diploma she wants to take some online classes and potentially get a degree.

“The future is whatever we make it. I am 46 years-old and if I can do this after being out of school for almost 30 years then anyone can. Shoot for the stars!”