Stacy C.



After leaving her job and moving to a new city, Stacy found it difficult to find work and was turned away continuously for not having her high school diploma.

“I found it odd that I had a decade of management experience in my previous job but that didn’t matter to new employers.”

The GEDWorks™ program changed Stacy’s life. She found out about it from her coworker Nany who encouraged her to complete it.

“When I didn’t [sign up] she yelled at me and told me I better sign up right away or she’d kick my butt. My wife also found out that I could be eligible for the GED® program and stayed on me till I signed up. My family always wished me luck before each test.”

Stacy found the GEDWorks™ program really helpful because it allowed you to go at your own pace, but it didn’t allow you to fall behind or give up on yourself.

“I liked that your student advisor kept you on pace to schedule your practice test and if you passed those she would send a reminder to schedule your actual test within a couple of days.”

Stacy is proud of herself and admits passing the GED® is no small task. She is pleased with her current employment but is happy knowing that if she needs or wants a new job she will be successful in attaining one in the future.