Sarai F.



In high school, Sarai started down the wrong path, eventually dropping out. But, as time went by, she was nagged by the need to complete her high school education. Having a baby cemented that feeling, as she began to think about setting the best example for her daughter. When she saw an ad at work that said she could take her GED® on her employer’s dime while keeping her job, she jumped at the chance.

“I wanted to earn my GED® so my daughter one day would be proud of me. I saw in the break room a paper that said Walmart would help you earn your GED® and pay for everything I then decided to pursue my dreams. And I have accomplished it!”

Sarai’s advisor helped keep her on track, even when things got a bit tough:

“She motivated me to continue to keep going and to do my classes online. And when I failed a test they gave me the classes I needed to pass the next time. Also each time I passed a test they rewarded me, so it made me also feel excited about tackling the next module.”

Now that she proved to herself she can succeed, Sarai no longer worries about what her daughter will think of her, and encourages others to follow her example. And the future looks better than ever. Sarai has applied to college to pursue her dream of becoming a licensed nurse practitioner. The girl who took a wrong turn in high school is now on the right road.