Roberta S.



Roberta’s children were her main motivation to complete her degree as she got older.

“They started asking questions about my education. It’s hard to express how important it is when I have nothing to stand by. I needed to go do something so that when I spoke to them about the importance of [earning a diploma] there would be no challenging questions on why I did not complete school.”

Roberta loved the entire GEDWorks™ program and her student advisor who constantly motivated her throughout the process.

“It’s a fantastic program. You can work at your own pace. It helps you become a better person and further your education and career goals. [My advisor] encouraged me to stay focused and on track. As an overnight assistant with five children it was difficult. She was amazing and understanding but always found a way to keep me on track.”

Now that Roberta earned her GED® she wants to to attend college and earn a degree relating to business so she can further her career.