Pamela E.



Pamela wanted to go to college and better provide for her family, but she never graduated high school. Not only that, money and lack of belief in herself were issues, too.

“My biggest fear was the math test. I didn’t have the money to do the pre tests before this program and I was not confident I would pass.”

When she found out her her employer, Walmart, would pick up the tab through GEDWorks™, she knew now was the time to get her high school equivalency diploma so that she could go on to college. She was thrilled that GEDWorks™ allowed her to study and test at her own pace. “I loved how if I was not ready for a subject I was able to study for it.”

With the support and encouragement of her GEDWorks™ advisor and family, Pamela began to realize she could succeed:  “I was finally taking the step they knew I could handle all along.” And she did. Pamela is now getting ready to apply to college.