Melissa J.



Melissa faced a lot of challenges when getting her GED® but she accomplished her goal with the help of the GEDWorks™ program and her student advisor.

“What helped me overcome my challenges was having someone help me. I haven’t been in school for 20 years so it was hard, but my husband and son always made me feel I could accomplish anything.”

Melissa’s main motivation for getting her credential was to better her own life and for her son.

“He motivated me the most. But my want for it was what really pushed me. Nowadays you can’t do much without it.”

Melissa’s managers and coworkers always supported her as well, which is why she would recommend the program.

“They know how hard we work and it’s great that they will pay for us to better our lives.”

Now that she has her GED®, Melissa plans to continue her education and go to college for something medical-related.