Marie B.

Taco Bell


Marie had multiple reasons for wanting to get her GED®, but above all, she wanted to have a diploma.

“The GED® test was more convenient for me. My motivation was knowing when I was finished that I would have something to be even more proud of and that it would help me be a little more successful in life.”

Earning her credential was also important to Marie because she wanted to set an expectation for her son.

“If I showed him I could do it then he could do it too.”

Marie loved the GEDWorks™ program especially her student advisor Katie who constantly pushed her to do well.

“I think I received the most motivation from my advisor Katie. She always pushed me to be on top of my lessons whether by text or email. The few times I had questions she always responded.”

Marie now encourages those around her to get their GEDs® as well.

“I recommend it to my coworkers all the time. I even talked to some family members and friends that were interested in trying to get their diplomas too.”

Marie has a big future ahead of her. She plans to further her education by one day attending college and earning a business degree.