Jose R.



Jose heard about the GEDWorks™  program through his employer Walmart and decided to try it to further his future.

“I really want to study more and then help serve the people of this country. I also want to give the best to my family, especially my daughter Isabella and my wife Norma.

Jose loved the program because it kept him focused and on track to get his GED® even when other responsibilities got in the way. He also found his student advisor very helpful.

“The constant communication with the student advisor and the perfect programming of each stage of the process helped me focus my activities.”

However, sometimes Jose found it hard to find time to spend with his family due to studying and balancing two jobs.

“With two jobs there is little time left for family so you really have to make the most of it. I thank God, my wife and daughter for helping me achieve this important goal.”

Though it was tough, Jose received his credential and would now recommend the GEDWorks™ program to his co-workers.

“This is a key to higher education and better jobs. Remember that the only ones who do not make mistakes are those who do nothing.”

Now that Jose has accomplished this goal he wants to help others improve their lives.

“I know that the best way to achieve success is serving others. This will help me fight for the welfare of my family.”