Jason E.



While Jason always planned to finish high school, certain choices and a bad auto wreck made his goals impossible.

After recovering he started working at Walmart and has been there for 7 years. However, he soon realized there was no potential for growth without his GED®. That’s when he decided to look into the GEDWorks™ program.

“I wanted my credentials to better myself and help gain what I should have had years ago. I want to better my life in as many ways as possible. Overall I’m making myself push through the boundaries that have been blocking myself from growing.”

Jason’s mother also wanted to help him accomplish his goals.

“My mother has been my rock. She was always pushing me to want to be successful. With every test I passed we both celebrated.”

Now that Jason has his credential he plans to use the GEDWorks™ college search to continue his education. He also plans to recommend the GEDWorks™ program to all his coworkers.