Hope C.



Hope hit a number of bumps in the road early on in life, the biggest of which was not finishing high school.

“I had to grow up fast at a very young age,” she says.  “I’ve been working since I was thirteen years old and I am about to be twenty-one. I was a very good student with high grades, but I dropped out to work and help my family financially.”

While working at Walmart, she found out about the GEDWorks™ program, which allowed her to study for the GED®  test while keeping her job.

“I liked how the GEDWorks™ program was very convenient for my work schedule. My advisor, Katie, helped me by being one email away if I had any questions or concerns. She also encouraged me to take my GED® Ready tests before studying to see if I would be likely to pass the main tests, and I did. My managers supported me by letting take time off on my test days.”

“I would love to move up in my career, which is why I pushed myself to pass. I also wanted to make my mother and fiancé proud.”

Given all Hope has accomplished, we’re quite sure they are.