Donovan G.


Lakeland, Florida

“It was always something in the back of my mind. So the fact that I acted on it and now have my GED® diploma is a huge weight off my shoulders. And new doors are already opening,” says Donovan, Walmart’s first graduate from the GEDWorksTM program.

Donovan always enjoyed learning, but never felt comfortable in the traditional classroom setting. He dropped out during his junior year of high school and tried an online high school program, but didn’t finish. Around the same time, he moved from California to Florida and started working at Walmart.

Last year, Donovan came across information about the GEDWorksTM program, which Walmart offers for free to its associates and their family members.

Donovan always intended to go back and earn his diploma or high school equivalency, and this program made doing it an easy decision. He completed the GEDWorksTM program several months later and earned his GED® credential.

“At first, it provided a sense of pride because, at age 21, I had something on paper that proved I could do it. The skills I gained immediately opened new doors. First, I earned a promotion to bakery department manager, where I have added responsibility and I’m earning more money,” says Donovan.

He can see himself as a co-manager or store manager some day. He has always had the support, and now he has the confidence.