Deborah G.

Taco Bell

Rhode Island

When Deborah’s boyfriend started college, Deborah began to realize how many opportunities she might lose out on because of not having graduated high school.

“My boyfriend had just started college and everyday he would come back so happy because college is so cool. It made me feel like I was missing out on life because I hadn’t finished high school. That’s what motivated me to get my GED and put my life back on the right track.”

Because she needed to keep working while getting her GED®, Deborah found the flexibility of the GEDWorks™ program invaluable.

“My practice test was done at home on the computer on my own time. When it came to the real test, I could pick a day and time that I felt comfortable with. Everything was on my own time, which was great because I could fit my GED® prep around my work schedule. I could even pick the campus at which I wanted to take my test.”

Now, Deborah has her sights set on getting into college and majoring in business. She encourages others to take the plunge on getting their GED® credential.

“I recommend this program to my other co-workers because it’s a chance to move on with your life.”