David H.

Taco Bell

Marshfield, MO

Ever since dropping out of high school, David wanted to earn his GED® credential. He knew he needed it to further his career, but life — and his busy work schedule as an assistant manager at Taco Bell didn’t allow him to take in-person GED® classes.

So when the Taco Bell where David works began offering the GEDWorks™ program, it was the perfect opportunity for him to finally get the diploma that he had wanted for so long. David was eager to take advantage — and he was one of the first employees to sign up for the program.

Using the online study materials and working with the GED Advisor™ offered with the program, David was able to study for and pass the test. David also has the distinction of being the first Taco Bell employee to graduate from the GEDWorks™ program with a GED® credential.

Now that David has passed the test, he plans to continue his education and take online business classes. He looks forward to fully leveraging these business and math skills in growing his career.