Courtney L

Winn-Dixie (Southeastern Grocers)


Courtney was excited to earn her GED® credential. “It takes away that little bit of shame and embarrassment [of not having graduated from high school],” she says.

Courtney was pleased that her employer, Winn-Dixie, participated in GEDWorksTM so she could pursue her educational goal for free. Winn-Dixie also provided her with a flexible work schedule so she could study and take the GED® test. Courtney said she feels that her employer views her in an even more positive light after earning her GED® credential.

In addition to her employer’s strong support, Courtney found that the GEDWorksTM program provided her with great support on her path to the GED® credential. She appreciated the support of her GED AdvisorTM, Katie. “She was super friendly and very encouraging. Anything that I was concerned about she would address.” Courtney encourages others to join the GEDWorksTM program.

Today, Courtney is working toward earning a promotion with Winn-Dixie and considering going back to school to study accounting.