Chee V.



Chee’s biggest motivation to get her GED® credential was her family. She is an aunt helping raise two boys, a role model to her younger siblings and the caretaker of her parents.

“I quickly realized that without an education I couldn’t move up in the workforce to provide better for them. They were my greatest motivation and in my mind every step of the way.

Chee loved the flexibility of the GEDWorks™ program. She worked full time and took care of her family so she liked being able to study at her own pace. However, she faced some challenges along the way.

“It was difficult to find time to study or I wasn’t able to concentrate when studying. What really helped me overcome these challenges was receiving motivating emails every time I fell behind. It pushed me to get right back on the bandwagon and keep going.”

Chee also credits her student advisor for helping her earn her GED®.

“She was so helpful and emailed me every week to make sure I was on task. Every time I had a problem or question, she was there to answer all of them.”

Chee also had a great support system cheering her on.

“My family and friends were my cheerleaders and I couldn’t have done it without their encouraging words. I’ve never worked with or been around such amazing people in my life.”

Now that Chee has earned her GED® she believes the sky’s the limit.

“My number one goal is to finish college and find a career I’m passionate about. It’ll be a dream come true to take care of my family on more than minimum wage.