Cathleen T.



Cathleen wanted to get her high school diploma to start bettering herself and her life.

“I knew I had goals in life that I couldn’t reach without getting my GED® and Walmart wanted to help me get it.”

Cathleen is thankful for the GEDWorks™ program for assisting her along the way financially and academically.

“I liked that they helped you out financially by paying for the entire program and study materials. The study materials really helped and gave you realistic practice tests that helped a lot when it came to the actual test.”

Cathleen also had a large and strong support system pushing her to do well.

“I got constant support from all of my managers, coworkers, family and friends. They kept asking if I had gotten my GED® yet and kept reminding me how important it was to get it.”

Now that Cathleen has her credential she plans to register at a local community college.

“I plan to go to nursing school after I complete that and then hopefully become a nurse practitioner in the future.