Bryan R.



Bryan wanted to take the first step towards moving his life and education forward to make his parents proud. He believed getting his GED® was the first step on the path to bettering himself.

“I was clinically depressed back in high school, and ended up dropping out due to me simply not going anymore. That did so much harm to me going forward. Without a high school diploma I really didn’t have anywhere to go. I was lucky enough to get my first job at Walmart in order to help my mom and stepdad pay bills and keep afloat, and I’ve stayed there for nearly three years.”

Bryan heard about the program GEDWorks™ and learned about everything that it offers. He convinced himself that enrolling in this program would be his way forward.

“The advisors are always helpful and encouraging, working with me when any issues arise, and the community Facebook page also offers a unique feeling of camaraderie when studying and preparing for your tests. It helps you realize you aren’t alone in this, there are other people like you wanting to take that first step.”

At first Bryan didn’t tell many people that he never graduated high school because he felt embarrassed by that fact. He soon realized though that it was nothing to be embarrassed about.

“I absolutely recommend this program to anyone, because it honestly is an amazing feeling to finally have your GED®. If you were like me and never finished high school, don’t stop yourself from trying to move on and succeed. With GEDWorks™ you have a strong foundation to build upon, it has never been easier to get your GED®, and the feeling of satisfaction is worth all the work put into it.”

Now that Bryan has his GED® he will begin studying at Valencia and soon move to the University of Central Florida where he can work towards a computer science major. He believes accomplishing this feat has been the biggest hurdle in his life, but now that he’s done it, the sky’s the limit.