Ashley C.



When Ashley was 18 she moved across state and then across the country making it difficult for her to continue her high school education. She then married and had a son but soon realized that the best option for her to further her education was through the GED® program.

Ashley’s husband worked at Walmart which allowed her to partake in the GEDWorks™ program so she could receive her diploma for free. While going through the program Ashley discovered she had a lot of support especially from her advisor and her husband. “Without this program being extended to spouses I would have never completed my GED®. I would recommend it to anyone because it’s the difference between earning minimum wage and maybe one day becoming a CEO. It is worth it to nourish your mind.”

While studying for the test and balancing her everyday duties was difficult, Ashley soon became a graduate of the GEDWorks™ program and received her GED® credential.

She’s excited to share, “Now that I have earned my diploma, I plan to go back to school and work on completing a bachelor’s degree in social work to extend my own knowledge and lend a helping hand in my community.”