Allison S.



Allison had a child young, so she didn’t get to finish 12th grade. But, when her children started school, she began to worry that her lack of a high school diploma didn’t maker her the best role model.

“I tell them often having an education is important. But I felt like I couldn’t preach to them about school when the fact was I still didn’t have my diploma.”

Through her employer, Walmart, Allison found out about GEDWorks™, and realized now was the time to get her high school diploma.

“When I found out my new job works with you to help you get the GED® credential, I knew there nothing holding me back from doing so now but me. I  wanted to make them proud… but most off all I wanted to do it for me.”

Allison found the GEDWorks™ program gave her the flexibility to continue to work, take care of her family, and study as well.

“I like that it was self-paced and I did everything on my time. My advisor was a great help. She checked in with me every week and gave me plenty of positive words. I would definitely recommend the GEDWorks™ program to co-workers, in fact I already have.”

Now that she has her GED® diploma under her belt, Allison is thinking about a career doing something she loves:

“I would like to go on to college in the near future. I want to start off with culinary arts and when I’m done with that maybe take up something else.  I have a passion for cooking/baking and I think I could really do something great with it.”